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You'll notice just how seriously we take caring for our planet upon arrival. From our compostable trash bin liners, to the house made simple syrup we provide which replaces the need for all single use sugar packets. Here at Movement we make our own chai (it never comes out of a box or bag) and all of our syrups. By doing this we are able to control the ingredients (no preservatives) and eliminate the need for additional packaging from having to constantly re-order bottles of packaged syrups. We even compost our used coffee grounds locally to help reduce our landfill waste.

We use compostable cups, lids, and coffee sleeves and our straws are made of paper! We believe that it is just as important to be environmentally sustainable as it is to have ethically sourced, amazing tasting coffee. 

Part of our mission is to education our customers on how they can reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost. If more consumers demand compostable and biodegradable options from businesses it will drive the cost down and make it even more doable for other business owners. Together we can change the world. We already are, and will continue to do so. So jump on board and join the movement.